24h Polish nationwide IT support service

Usługi BV Serwis is a company specializing in 24h support services and maintenance of IT infrastructure of her Clients on the territory of Poland. We provide outsourcing services, support IT departments of our Clients by means of extending their possibilities or...

IT Support outsourcing

Usługi Our Clients use a few main types of outsourcing: Outsourcing of the whole IT infrastructure. At this level we additionally offer consulting services at CIO level (head of IT department) - within the service ‘CIO for hours’.  In such cases companies frequently...

IMAC services

Usługi BV Grupa offers time and materials based IMAC (installation move add change) services to the customers infrastructure. This includes: rearrangements to the server room or single racks installation and decomissioning of servers, switches/hubs, power supply and...

Technical support

Usługi BV Systemy can provide countrywide IT support. We have created a set of standard maintenance packages which can be extended to customer's needs PRODUCTS Time and materials based maintenance services Fixed price 'insurance' type maintenance packages Oursourcing...

Storage media data destruction

Usługi BV Serwis provides services of destroying data storage media such as hard drives, tapes, CDs, DVDs, etc. Our services of safe utilization of data storage media involve the physical destruction of the data storage medium ensuring data destruction level in...

Hardware decomissioning

Usługi BV Serwis is providing deinstallation and decomissioning services for it's customers. The services include: proper deinstallation of the hardware from the server racks avoiding influence to other hardware and systems destruction of the data on the disks/tapes...

Intelligent Building

Usługi   We offer a visualisation, automation and tasks integration system for buildings with the use of  EIB/KNX. In every modern building there is a number of systems having their own computer control. It no longer concerns only more advanced elements (alarm,...

IT Audits

Usługi Because of our experience we have gained while serving big, Enterprise market companies, when we think of IT we think about overall cost and investment turnover as well as counting business advantages of IT systems. We offer IT audits which mean evaluating the...

IT infrastructure

Usługi We provide a comprehensive system solutions based on MS Windows Server, MS BackOffice and UNIX/Linux platforms. We sell, and configure software and hardware for our companies. We do build complete solutions of servers, storage, LAN, SAN and WAN connection...

WAN Acceleration

Usługi We offer systems for acceleration connections in WAN networks for companies having a dispersed multi-departmental structure. We use the world leading solutions for WAN networks acceleration and optimalisation. Our main partners are: RIVERBED  is a data...

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Data Storage

We offer the whole range of data storage systems hardware and software.

We sell:

  • Disc arrays
  • Tape libraries
  • Storage appliances
  • SAN infrastructure (switches)
  • Fibrechannel, iSCSI switches and HBAs (Host Bus Adapters)
Our main partners in this area are:
  • Infortrend
  • HP
  • QSAN
  • Hitachi Data Systems
  • HP
  • IBM
  • EMC
  • BlueArc
Additionally we do offer products of less popular vendors in the situations where they fit better to the customer’s needs. This include:
  • 3Par (purchased by EMC)
  • NetApp
  • Pillar Data,
  • Dot Hill
  • consumer class disk arrays used for enterprise: QNAP, and others
  • and many other solutions.

Our extensive experience allows for creation of a best-fit system for each customer.

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